Aquatic Therapy

Floyd Memorial Rehabilitation Services now offers warm water aquatics therapy at our Physical Therapy Charlestown Road location. After illness, injury or surgery, aquatic therapy can make rehabilitation more tolerable for many patients. Water aids the therapy process by:

  • Supporting the body
  • Reducing joint stress
  • Providing resistance and assistance to movement

Warm water therapy takes advantage of water’s natural buoyancy and the pain-reducing qualities of warm water. A therapy pool is the perfect environment for working through recovery from an injury. Patients who suffer from arthritis or who have recently had joint replacement surgery find warm water therapy particularly helpful in easing the pain of recovery. Water supports the body, reduces joint stress and provides resistance and assistance to movement, making therapy possible and more tolerable for those who might not tolerate traditional therapy.

For more information, call (812) 945-3440 or visit Floyd Memorial Physical Therapy at 3891 Charlestown Road in New Albany (behind Kohl’s).