Pulmonary and Critical Care Teams Continue to Raise the Bar with Award-Winning Care and Treatment

May 7, 2009

The HealthGrades Pulmonary Care Specialty Excellence Award and a ranking in the top five percent in the nation for overall pulmonary services for 2009 are significant honors, representative of Floyd Memorial’s continuing commitment to patient care and leading-edge research.

“It’s definitely gratifying to have your work acknowledged by awards. But the best thing about awards is the treatment, cure, body of work or service for which they are being presented.”  “Floyd Memorial is a very good facility in which to conduct studies. We have a lot of conferences here, making it convenient to keep up with training and the testing of new drugs. We also have an excellent Intensive Care Unit, very well trained nurses, and patient care that is attentive and personal. Because of the studies and clinical trials in which we participate, including trials focusing on sepsis [blood poisoning], chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia, some of the world’s most advanced treatments that might not otherwise be available anywhere in  the region are actually free of charge to our participants.”

Eugene C. Fletcher, MD
Board Certified Pulmonologist
Critical Care Medicine & Sleep
Disorders Medicine
Eugene C. Fletcher, MD, LLC

“We are involved in a great deal of research related directly to our community members. For example, we recently completed a survey in which we screened smokers for a gene that would predispose them to  developing emphysema. We implement up-to-date data in our clinical practice, follow guidelines and monitor outcomes.”

“Floyd Memorial has one of the strongest respiratory divisions in the region, and our support from respiratory pharmacies is growing. We hope that the recognition from these prestigious HealthGrades awards will encourage additional support of our testing from pharmaceutical companies and other supporters of much needed medical research.”

Azmi Draw, MD, FCCP
Board Certified Pulmonologist
Critical Care Medicine & Sleep
Disorders Medicine
Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Specialists

“From the time a patient is admitted here at Floyd Memorial, someone from our respiratory care team begins playing a role in their health and well-being. Drawing blood gas levels directly upon admission to determine oxygenation is part of what helps our team diagnose problems and assist in planning optimal patient care as soon as possible. For many patients, that is not a serious issue. However, if the patient is experiencing an episode of pneumonia or COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], early intervention can help speed up treatment and avoid the progression of complications.”

“We are very much a team. The respiratory care team includes pulmonologists, primary care physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists. One key to our success is the fact that those with more experience are always available to provide guidance to the newer members to assure that we remain a strong, effective group.”

Ron Kron, RRT
Clinical Manager of Respiratory Therapy