Physical Therapy Puts Patients on the Road to Success

The physical therapists at Floyd Memorial go to work for joint replacement patients even before their surgery. As Kay Vannoy, PT, supervisor of Physical Medicine, said, “We explain to them what to expect, and get them started on exercises to help increase their mobility and build their strength in preparation for surgery. We also show them how to use a walker and deal with steps, which is easier to learn prior to  surgery.”

“After the procedure, we work toward regaining mobility as soon as possible,” said Vannoy. “This prevents the weakening they would experience if they just remained in bed for a day or two. It also helps prevent pneumonia and blood clots. We start working with patients right away to help them start getting their range of motion back and to prevent contracture, which is a permanent shortening of the muscle. Patients benefit from therapy plans that are custom-designed to meet their unique needs.”

After patients leave the hospital, they continue to receive outpatient therapy several times a week. “We also develop an exercise plan for them to use at home,” said Vannoy. “The more they put into their postop therapy, the better the results will be.”