Pain Management Center Offers Comprehensive Range of Treatments in One Location

At Floyd Memorial, we’re constantly looking for ways to serve our community better. Although we’ve been providing treatment for both acute and chronic pain for many years, we are now offering an expanded panel of physicians and treatment modalities in our comprehensive Pain Management Center.

“Our main goal here at the center is to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, our patients’ pain,” said Larry Zhou, MD,specialist in anesthesiology and pain medicine. “My partner, Dr. Michael Cronen,and I take an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of pain and do our best to eliminate the need for drugs on a long-term basis.”

The Pain Management Center offers a full spectrum of treatments, including:

  • Interventional therapies such as epidural blocks, socket joint injections, pulsed radio frequency, neuromodulation, intrathecal (within the spinal cord) pumps, spinal cord stimulators, and cervical and lumbar rhizotomy, the selective destruction of nerves to eliminate severe pain
  • A variety of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary programs such as physical therapy, exercise physiology, thermal agents, electrical nerve stimulation and more
  • A broad spectrum of medications such as opoids, steroid and non-steroid anti-inflammatories and antidepressants, which may be used alone or, more often, in conjunction with other treatment modalities

Rodney Chou, MD, is a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. As he explained, “We follow patients from assessment and diagnosis, through treatment and management of their problem, right here. The process is very efficient and patient-friendly, not requiring them to go back-and-forth between treatment facilities for different procedures. In addition, our wide-range of physician specialists are up-to-date on the latest most effective and less invasive treatment options that are constantly coming on to the scene.”

“Just as Dr. Chou is at the center to add a rehab component to the spectrum of treatments,” said Dean Collis, MD, also a specialist in anesthesiology and pain medicine, “the treatments my brother,Dr. Ricky Collis, and I provide here are mostly focused on neck and back pain and the things that often accompany it. That often includes herniated discs, stenosis or degenerative disc disease of the cervical or lumbar spine. If we can get in there early with a diagnosis and complete treatment program, we can often avoid the scenario in which the patient just ends up on an ever escalating regimen of medication to relieve the pain.”

The Pain Management Center Offers Convenience and a Personal Approach

Everything about the center, from its physical layout to the custom-tailored services, is designed to create an atmosphere of attentive care and comfort along with pain management programs that are extremely effective.

“Our location on the ground floor of the hospital provides easy access and patient registration is handled within the department,” explained Thelma Thomas,RN,BSN, clinical manager of the Pain Management Center. “Patients first meet with a nurse who reviews their medical history and makes an initial assessment. They are then directed to the appropriate physician for a consultation and treatment plan.

After receiving the prescribed care, they are given clear and detailed discharge instructions to reinforce their understanding of treatment,which can help improve their outcome.” “The atmosphere in the center is very warm and friendly,” continued Thomas, “Our staff knows all the regular patients by name. That type of personal attention and care really means a lot when you’re in pain.”

“If we can get in there early with a diagnosis and complete treatment program, we can often avoid the scenario in which the patient just ends up on an ever escalating regimen of medication to relieve the pain.”

Dean Collis, MD
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Pain Management Specialist
Interventional Rehabilitation of Kentucky

“Our approach to pain management is very personal here at Floyd Memorial,” said Dr. Chou. “We can offer a complete program tailored specifically to the individual’s unique needs. The increased range of services now available at the center, as well as an even greater emphasis on functionality, allow us to better serve the community as well as the individual seeking treatment.”

“I’ve been in many other hospitals and I truly believe Floyd Memorial – with its very spacious pain management facility – not only has the most experienced staff of any I’ve come across, but the most personable and efficient as well. Regardless of how busy the center is, the staff is always pleasant and patients don’t have to wait.”

Larry Zhou, MD
Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist
The Pain Institute

“Over the years, treatments for pain and pain-related conditions have evolved and improved dramatically. Originally, medication was the main order of the day. Our current method of pain management involves a multi-level approach that is interventional,procedural and rehabilitational.”

Rodney Chou, MD
Board Certified Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

actionTo see one of our highly qualified pain management specialists, a physician referral is preferred. Ask your physician about a referral today. For more information, call 812-949-5790.