ASTYM Offers Innovative Approach to Therapy

An innovative new treatment called ASTYM is helping many patients with repetitive motion traumas, including carpal tunnel syndrome. According to Tom Russell, MPT, director of Rehabilitation Services at Floyd Memorial, “We’ve been impressed with the outcomes we get through ASTYM therapy. People like the fact that, during the treatment, you can continue going to work and participating in your favorite activities.”

The therapy uses patented technology and is only offered by ASTYM therapists who have been certified after undergoing intensive training. Therapists at Floyd Memorial and at the hospital’s Urgent Care Center at Highlander Point in Floyd Knobs are the only professionals in this area who are certified in the technique.

“When your body has an overuse injury,” said Russell, “scar tissue and shortening of the tendons can develop, restricting natural movement. ASTYM treatment initiates the natural healing response of the body by gently disrupting abnormal soft tissue. We break down the scar tissue and elongate the healthy tissue through stretching and strengthening so that it heals correctly.”

During the treatment, the therapist runs specially designed instruments firmly along the skin, following the direction of the dysfunctional muscle, tendon or ligament. While there may be some mild bruising in the area being treated, therapy is completely non-invasive. It typically involves a total of six to twelve sessions, two or three times a week, and is individualized for each patient.

Russell added, “We also offer a full range of other, more traditional treatments, including ultrasound, manual therapy, and iontophoresis (use of electricity to pass a local anti-inflammatory medicine through the skin) to improve your chances for a positive outcome.”

For information on ASTYM or other treatment options available through Floyd Memorial’s Rehab Services, please call 812-948-7416.