Q: Can I reach a physician after hours or on weekends?

A: Yes, there is always a physician on call to deal with urgent needs, however, if your situation is a true emergency that requires immediate attention, always call 9-1-1 first. To reach the on-call physician, call the office main line and the message or answering service will instruct you how to proceed.
Q: What is the length of time it takes to get an appointment for a new patient?
A: We maintain an open access schedule and most appointments can be facilitated the same day for all physicians.
Q: What can I do if my physician is booked for the day and I need to be seen?
A: Floyd Memorial Medical Group providers cover patients for each other, and most appointments can be scheduled same day. If your physician is the sole provider at the practice, and is unable to fit you in, you may be referred to another Floyd Memorial Medical Group practice that can accommodate your needs for the day. The Floyd Memorial Urgent Care Centers in New Albany on Charlestown Road and Floyds Knobs at Highlander Point are also available when your provider is unable to see you.
Q: How long do I have to wait for prescription refills?
A: All refill requests can be processed within 24 hours of the initial request.
Q: Will my doctor make hospital visits when I’m in the hospital?
A: Some Floyd Memorial Medical Group physicians make rounds on their patients in the hospital; however, many prefer to refer patients to a Hospitalist during hospitalizations. A Hospitalist is a hospital-based internal, general or family medicine physician who oversees the care of hospitalized patients in conjunction with their primary care physician. You will want to ask your physician which method they employ during your initial visit.

Q:What is a Patient Portal?

A: The patient portal at Floyd Memorial Medical Group allows for better communication with your physician’s office by providing convenient 24/7 access from the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Your physician’s office will provide you with a PIN number, which will enable you to register to use this service.  Once you sign up, you will be able to access and update your medical record, access lab and diagnostic exam results, communicate securely and confidentially with your physician, pay your bill online and request an appointment.