Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services Receives Awards from VHA Inc.

May 1, 2014

New Albany, Indiana  – Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services has received awards for exceeding national standards for clinical quality and operational excellence.  VHA is recognizing Floyd Memorial for its work to improve the patient experience and to improve supply cost performance for the small hospital category.  Both recognitions come from the regional arm of VHA Inc., the national health care network. 

“We are honored to be recognized for all of our hard work.  Improving the patient experience and improving supply cost performance is something that each and every person at Floyd Memorial plays a role in.  For more than 60 years we’ve remained committed to maintaining a tradition of superior care, and living up to what the community expects from us, while at the same time managing costs, and we are proud of that recognition,” said Mark Shugarman, President and CEO of Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services.

“VHA works with hundreds of hospitals across the nation, and our mission is to help them become better performers,” said Anna Fox, senior vice president of VHA Central.  “We provide hospitals with tools and knowledge that enable them to accurately assess their current performance, leverage VHA resources and connect with other VHA members so they can share ideas that help them accelerate efforts to improve.  Public expectations, payer demands and government mandates are pushing hospitals to provide better care.  By recognizing these selected hospitals with VHA PEAK awards, we hope to demonstrate that hospitals can overcome the many obstacles that keep so many from becoming peak performers.”

VHA has 13 regional offices across the nation.  Each office serves as a hub for the delivery and development of programs and services that help hospitals improve their operational and clinical performance.