Floyd Memorial Hospital Awarded Four Crusade for Children Grants

July 9, 2010

Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services is pleased to announce the receipt of four WHAS-11 Crusade for Children grants, with funds totaling $27,311.  The grants will provide funding to purchase items and services aimed at ensuring that the Hospital is able to meet the unique medical and psychological needs of children being treated at the facility, which treats approximately 9,000 children per year.  Each of the grants is outlined below.

1.  $12,000 was awarded for staff training on prevention of psychosocial harm in children as the result of medical trauma and/or procedures.  Hospital staff and first responders will receive special training from the Foundation for Human Enrichment on how to assist children who have been hospitalized due to at traumatic experience such as child abuse, motor vehicle accidents, serious falls, etc.  Additional training will be given to staff for the prevention of medical treatment-related trauma in special needs children undergoing difficult medical procedures.  This training is aimed at teaching staff how to help prevent fear and trauma in special needs children who come to the Hospital for frequent medical procedures.  Funds will also be used to purchase special “shadow buddy dolls” that are used to demonstrate procedures to special needs children and help them talk about their feelings associated with medical care.  The goal of the dolls is prevent traumatization as well as to encourage the child’s understanding of the procedures and expression of feelings associated with them.

2. $8,683 was awarded to the Surgical Department to purchase a Broselow Hinkle Pediatric Cart and two Stryker Cub Pediatric Cribs.  The Broselow Hinkle Pediatric Cart utilizes a color-coded system based on a simple length measurement for rapid and accurate delivery of surgical medications and anesthesia during pediatric emergencies that require surgery.  The pediatric cribs will be used to ensure the safety of special needs children before and after surgery.  Padded rails prevent injury if children thrash when waking from anesthesia, and sectioned rails allow the nurse to only open certain sections of the crib when working on the child, preventing potential falls that could occur if the entire rail were lowered.  The cribs also allow nurses to more easily raise or lower a child’s head, and feature special secure oxygen bottle and IV pole holders that previous crib models did not provide.

3. $4,990 was awarded to the Pediatric Unit to purchase two Medfusion syringe pumps.  The pumps set safety limits for all modes of medication delivery such as dose, rate, time, weight, concentration and volume to ensure correct dosing to children, thereby reducing the incidence of medication error.

 4. $1,638 was awarded to the Emergency Center for the purchase of a variety of pediatric trauma equipment used for the temporary immobilization of a child’s head, arms or extremities during the administration of emergency medical treatment.