Floyd Memorial Opens New Cardiac Telemetry Unit

June 30, 2010

Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services is pleased to announce the opening of a new Cardiac Telemetry Unit (CTU).  CTU is located in a recently renovated wing on the 2nd floor of the Hospital.  It will consist of 20 patient beds, 12 of which opened on June 30th, followed by eight more opening by the end of August. The Unit is staffed by Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)/telemetry monitor-trained registered nurses who provide care for stable cardiac patients. In addition to offering patients a new level of specialized cardiac care, CTU opens up more beds on the Progressive and Cardiovascular Care Units for critical cardiac patients in need of more intense care.

“We’re thrilled to open the new CTU area.  Not only does it free up space for more critical patients in our intensive and progressive care units, it also provides stable cardiac patients with a specially trained level of care that wasn’t previously available,” said Karen Yeager, RN, Floyd Memorial Nursing Director.  “The opening of this unit is a win-win situation for Floyd Memorial and our patients.” 

The new CTU unit has also contributed to the local economy, resulting in the hiring of 12 new associates, including nine registered nurses, two nursing assistants, and a unit secretary.