Free Seminar Addressing Arthritis, Joint and Bone Pain Scheduled at Salem Public Library

June 1, 2010

By age 60, almost everyone has some form of arthritis in at least one joint. With most forms of arthritis, people are faced with pain and swelling of the joints which over time can cause the joint to become severely damaged. With vast improvement in non-surgical treatments and total joint replacement surgery, more and more people are unwilling to let joint pain slow them down and are seeking solutions for relief to regain an active lifestyle.

On Thursday, June 17, board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon Edward Bell, MD, will provide a free seminar on arthritis, joint and bone pain at 6 p.m. at the Salem Public Library located at 212 N. Main Street. The seminar will focus on causes of pain, signs and symptoms of various forms of joint pain and non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

As Dr. Bell explained, “Total joint replacement surgery has really come a long was. Twenty years ago, it was common for patients to stay in the hospital for as long as two weeks after surgery. Today the average stay is three days and patients are out of bed and working on mobility the day of surgery.”

The seminar is free but registration is requested by calling 1-800-4-SOURCE (1-800-476-8723) or by registering online at