WHAS Crusade for Children Grants Floyd Memorial Nursery and Pediatric Technology Funding

July 27, 2009

Floyd Memorial recently received over $25,000 in grants from the WHAS Crusade for Children to fund new technologies for pediatric patients. This year, Floyd Memorial is experiencing a dramatic increase in birthrates. The new labor and delivery suites at Floyd Memorial have increased the hospital’s capacity for a higher volume of births. The unit will soon feature several new technologies stemming from the Crusade for Children grants.

Floyd Memorial was awarded a $6,000 grant for an infant hearing screener. Hearing loss is one of the most common health conditions found in newborns. Undetected hearing loss can severely impact a child’s exposure to language. The new screener will provide a safe and reliable way to assess hearing in newborns. 

The Crusade for Children also awarded nearly $7,000 to be used for an I-Stat and a Downloader for the Nursery. The I-Stat is a handheld blood gas analyzer that can test electrolytes, coagulation, glucose, cardiac markers and hematology with as little as two drops of blood. This grant will provide the nursery with their own I-Stat to ensure ease and speed for blood work.

Floyd Memorial also received $12,370 to fund Tanita scales for local pediatrician offices. These new scales will play an important part in the early detection of childhood obesity by measuring the body fat percentage in pediatric patients. Floyd Memorial hopes to aid in the treatment and prevention of childhood obesity in the community through this donation.