Floyd Memorial Foundation Provides Funding for HCI

June 15, 2009

In recent months the Floyd Memorial Foundation and its Healthier Community Initiative (HCI) have played an active role in the community. The HCI is dedicated to providing life-changing education and early detection health screenings for the community. HCI’s commitment to healthier living through education and prevention is presented to Southern Indiana residents in numerous ways.

 ”The Foundation Board is excited to see our donors’ dollars going to work in our communities,” Linda Hendrich, executive director of the Foundation, said.

 The Foundation recently donated 14 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), used for sudden cardiac arrest, to the New Albany and Floyd County Police Departments for use in police cars, the jail and its medical office. The total cost of the donation was $22,000.

 The Foundation also donated an Electrocardiogram (EKG) machine to the county jail. EKG machines can find out if parts of the heart are too large or overworked, while also determining if electrical activity in the heart is normal, slow, fast or irregular.

 In March, HCI held the “Health Career Academy” to educate over 800 local middle school students about careers in the health field. The Health Career Academy exposed Floyd County students to the world of healthcare and expanded their knowledge of jobs within a hospital setting.

 Over 800 men participated in the HCI annual prostate screening. The screening aided many men with prostate problems; it even helped 17 men begin treatment for prostate cancer.

 HCI has added several new screenings to their schedule for 2009, including hemoglobin A1C, oxygen saturation and hearing testing. With a continued focus on heart awareness, the initiative continues to provide its free Take 2 for Heart and Stroke screening on a monthly basis and in May, it held the first stroke screening in conjunction with the Heart and Vascular Center. “It is very timely that the Foundation has invested more in HCI because so many people have been laid off and lost insurance that they are really grateful for the free screenings,” Shannon Carroll, Healthier Community coordinator, said. “We have really made an impact because now more people need to take advantage of these opportunities.”

 HCI has already provided over 35 community outreach events in 2009. There are still more than 20 community events scheduled for the remainder of 2009. “We have already touched the lives of thousands of community members this year through the more than 6,000 free screenings and educational opportunities we provided,” Carroll said.

 The HCI brings community leaders and healthcare professionals together to achieve a healthier community. HCI continues to search for creative ways to reach out to the regional community to offer free screenings and educational opportunities. To find out more about the Floyd Memorial Foundation or to give a donation call 812-949-5519, or visit www.floydmemorial.com and click on the “Foundation” link.