Auxilians of Floyd Memorial Celebrate 40th Anniversary

February 14, 2008

New Albany, Ind. – February 14, 2008

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the word auxiliary means offering or providing help, and Auxiliary members have been doing just that for 40 years at Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services. Since 1967, when the Auxiliary began, members have stayed strongly committed to the hospital and the community.

“The Auxilians of Floyd Memorial are very important advocates for the hospital and our patients. We are blessed with individuals who give freely of their time and efforts and we certainly wouldn’t be the hospital we are without them,” said President and CEO Bryant Hanson.

The members of the Floyd Memorial Auxiliary are part of a vibrant team whose activities include community relations and fundraising. The biggest fundraiser is currently the hospital’s gift shop.

“The Auxiliary has grown substantially over the nearly 18 years that I have been here at Floyd Memorial. For example, our gift shop now rivals specialty stores for the quality of the merchandise we offer. They truly care about the community and our hospital and are significant partners in our mission of taking care of this community,” said Hanson. Other fundraising activities include book, uniform, jewelry and flower sales. The funds are used for various services that promote and advance the welfare of the hospital and its patients.

A few of the services provided by the Auxiliary include providing comfort pillows for surgery patients, stuffed teddy bears for children, bereavement boxes for families of patients who pass away, and bus tickets or cab fair for indigent patients. The Auxiliary also provided the basket for the first baby born in 2008 at the

The members of the Auxiliary are an awesome group of individuals who give many hours of their time,” said Volunteer Services Manager Karen Langdon. “We’ve never lost the focus that the founding ladies began 40 years ago.” Barbara Olsen, president of the Auxiliary, said former members have passed on a lot of mentoring to keep the organization going forwards. She said the volunteers and Auxilians have grown into a team that works very well together. “Our goal is to still be here 40 years from now, doing what we’re doing, which means continuing to get new people coming in to carry on the tradition,” said Olsen.

If you would like to join Floyd Memorial’s Auxiliary, please visit and click on “Careers>Volunteers.” The Auxiliary is always open for volunteers who are willing to give their time and support to those in need.